High school football preview: Binghamton Patriots


BINGHAMTON – The Binghamton High School football team has very high hopes for this upcoming season.

With a high-flying offense, and a fast, hard-hitting defense, the Patriots have a lot to be excited about.

“This is a really good senior class. These guys, when they were on modified, they were a really good team. They came up together, and it’s great to see that they stuck together. They’re looking to have a special senior year,” says Head Football Coach Mike Ramil.

The Binghamton Patriots head into the 2019 season with a ton of confidence in their senior leadership.

That will be especially important this year as they will have a new starting quarterback leading the charge.

Last year’s starter, Zane Olmstead, went down with an injury during lacrosse season and will be out this fall.

Now, the Patriots turn to another senior to get the job done, Cequan Johnson, and his teammates are behind him 100%.

“Zane’s still part of the team, no matter what. Yeah, he went down. But, Quan, Cequan, he’s ready to step up and make big plays,” said MLB Jayquan Smith.

“Cequan, he’s a good quarterback too. He was our backup on JV. He’s more mobile than Zane. But, he’s got a good arm. We’re really just all behind him. He’s a good leader,” DE/OT Nate Potter said.

As far as how Cequan is adjusting to his new role, he says the transition hasn’t been as difficult as you may think.

“I mean, it’s not too much. I played last year, I was a wide receiver for him. So, I know what’s acceptable from the team, and what I need to do to help us get where we need to be,” he said.

And how about his confidence level?

“Yeah, it’s probably a 10.”

While you obviously want to see your quarterback’s confidence that high, the team is also very excited about the other side of the ball as well.

“Defense, especially. We got something to prove this year.  We’re going to work hard. Offense, fireworks. Best offensive core in the conference,” says Smith.

“We’re ready to come. They better watch out. We got a good defense. Young, smart, fast, ready to hit,” Potter says.

“Very fast.” Ramil said. “Oh, they are very fast on defense. It’s exciting to see that. You know, we’re always a team that’s going to run to the ball. But, now we can run very fast to the ball. So, it’s nice.”

The Patriots are optimistic that if they get fireworks from the offense, and ferocity from the defense, then they can dethrone Elmira and recapture the Class Double-A section championship.

“We’re going to work. Nothing really special. We’re just going to work, do what we have to do. We know who we are. They’re a good team. They’re going to come and play, we’re going to come and play. So, it’s going to be competitive,” Johnson said.

“If you look at the Elmira games, the last four or five, it’s always decided at the end. So, again, let’s hopefully finish early so we don’t have to get to the end like that. So, that’s our goal. Just go out and be strong, be fast on defense, score as many points as we can,” Ramil said.

Binghamton begins the 2019 season in Syracuse.

The Patriots will take on Corcoran in week one on Friday.

An early start for that one as kickoff is scheduled for 6:00 pm.

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