Harrison Phillips asking all the right questions at camp


“One of the best moments of my life.”

That’s what Harrison Phillips had to say about last Friday nights practice at New Era Field.

It was his first ‘welcome to the NFL’ moment. The Bills rookie defensive tackle has already moved on and is looking forward to the next one.

“I think Thursday will be a better experience and then the first home game of the regular season will be another one,” said Phillips.

Entering his first training camp, Phillips mentioned how he wanted to be a sponge. He’s done just that, asking the veterans plenty of questions… maybe too many.

“Sometimes it’s like man just chill out. You’re not going to get it all in one day. Just learn the process over time,” laughed Lorenzo Alexander.

“We have to remind him he’s just a defensive tackle because he wants to learn everything,” smiled Star Lotulelei.

“Sometimes as a vet you’re like ‘ahhh here’s another one,’ but you wanna hear that,” joked Alexander. “He wants to know. He wants the information and the great thing about Kyle [Williams] is he’s willing to give it up.”

“They’re fine. As much as he can soak up, that’s as much information he’s going to get until he gets reps,” said Williams. “He’s doing a good job.”

Phillips has been compared a lot to Williams who entered the league in 2006.

When asked what he was doing in 2006, Phillips paused and said “I don’t know. I was 10 [years old] I hadn’t even started playing football yet.”

“Well the tough thing for Harrison [Phillips] getting compared to somebody, I wouldn’t wanna get compared to me being 35,” laughed Williams. “I’d want a younger guy. And for me, I mean Harrison is like a five. I’m not a ten but I’m a 9.9, so I get a little upset about it.”

Phillips has made it clear that him and Kyle are not clones. Pointing out he’s a thirteen year vet and five time pro bowler.

“There’s millions and millions of baby steps that I have to achieve in order to try and simulate anything of a career like that,” said Phillips. “I have the answers to the test to be successful in this league.. and that’s watching guys like Kyle.”

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