Here’s a look at the updated rankings through the first few weeks.

Beginning in Class Double-A, Elmira is ranked 13th, up four spots from a week ago.

In Class A, Maine-Endwell moves up two spots to 16th this week.

Norwich remains 13th this week in Class B.

After being ranked 7th in Class B last week, Newark Valley is now ranked 3rd in Class C.

Clearly a mix up by the ranking committee but that’s where the Cardinals are this week.

Unatego moves back a spot to 6th, Union Springs remains 9th, and Delhi drops back a spot to 19th.

And in Class D, Franklin remains #1.

Cherry Valley-Springfield moves up two spots to 6th, South Kortright also up two to 9th, and Marathon is up three spots to 13th.

Now to the boys side of things. In Class Double-A, Corning remains 23rd this week.

Despite remaining undefeated, Union-Endicott slides back a spot to 16th in Class A.

Meanwhile, Seton moves up a spot to 3rd in Class B.

In Class C, Moravia and Lansing both move up two spots this week to 14th and 15th respectively. Delhi remains 19th.

And in Class D, South Kortright is up one to 4th while Morris bumps up three spots this week to 15th.