When you think about Korean food, you usually think about barbecue or Bulgogi, but Aaron Nolan found out there’s a flavor for fine dining in Seoul.

In the heart of the Gangnam district, you’ll find a little bit of everything. From high fashion to high rise plastic surgery centers, the district has it all including Jungsik.

“Koreans are familiar with family style more than fine dining or dining out,” explains chef Jeongho Kim.

But, Kim noticed a shift in culture.

“These days Koreans try to dine out so that they can experience something different,” the chef pointed out.

And, this chef wanted to be a difference maker with his menu so he opened Jungsik where he serves some pretty unique food.

The staff prepared a plate that costs well over 100,000 won, or more than $100: Salmon roll, fresh yam and wasabi, kimchi, tomato salsa, and kalp julee.

Each of the ingredients is placed on a seaweed cracker before it goes down the hatch.