Deposit looking to win back to back state titles.

Lady Jacks up 3-0 and looking for more in the 2nd, Megan Faulker grounds one through the gap into left, run scores, 4-0.

Next batter up, Keira Martin rips one to the same spot, Martin touches them all to clear the bases, Lady Jacks take a 8-0 lead through two.

And that’s plenty of runs for Makenzie Stiles as she shuts out Bradford, and Deposit goes back to back with a 13-0 shutout of Bradford.

“It’s incredible. These girls show up every day at practice wanting to get better, whether it’s hitting, whether it’s fielding or Mackenzie pitching. It’s incredible just to see these girls play every day, it’s a joy,” said Head coach Dan Briggs.

“I’m on like six hours of sleep right now because I just couldn’t get a full night’s sleep without being so nervous. I had dreams about it and it was pretty cool and you just have to go out there like nothing is bothering you to get through,” said Freshman pitcher Mackenzie Stiles.