Bills legend Darryl Talley talks Bills-Ravens ahead of Saturday’s divisional matchup

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since some guys played for the Bills, they still pay attention to every game and even use the term “we” when talking about the current team, especially the players from the Super Bowl years.

Bills legend, former linebacker Darryl Talley says those guys talk all the time.

“Every day, every week, we see the game playing and we see anything on TV, something on social media we call and text the other one “hey did you see this yet?” so yes we talk about everything we see,” Talley said on a zoom call with News 4 Sports.

And naturally there’s some chirping when it comes to records that are broken which we’ve seen a lot of this season as Josh Allen just completed the best regular season by a Bills quarterback in franchise history knocking off a bunch of Jim Kelly’s single-season records.

“That’s what is funny, Thurman [Thomas] did that a couple weeks ago. He said “Jim looks like all your records are getting ready to go down.” But you know it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy and a nicer guy couldn’t be doing it so I think that’s a pretty good thing,” Talley laughed.

Now the Bills get ready to host the Ravens in the divisional round this weekend and Talley weighs in on what the defense needs to do in order to contain quarterback Lamar Jackson and limit the production of their rushing attack.

“I would say play some Cover 2, some Cover 4, Cover 3, and mixing a little man, but what you’ve gotta do is you have to be physcial at the point of attack. We’ve gotta get our hands on them quickly because they have one of the best running games in the league. I mean they didn’t rush for all those yards for nothing,” Talley said.

“They have a very good scheme and everybody knows what they’re doing and Lamar’s a special talent when he runs the ball. My opinion is I would try and keep him in the pocket. I’d make him into a pocket passer and then take the big guys away from him, his tight ends.”

One of the reasons the Bills are even in this position is because of what head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane have built since they took over in 2017. And one of the biggest changes they made was the culture.

“They changed it back to what it once was. I mean everybody on that team used to play for one another and then it sort of got fragmented apart through the [Tom] Donahoe era is when that started I guess. And after that it just never really got back to where it was supposed to be,” Talley explained.

“And McDermott and his staff came in, Brandon, and they adhere to the same type of things that we did. And that’s why I said he reminds me a little bit of Marv [Levy] and the way in which he communicates with guys so yeah, I really appreciate that.”

In Talley’s 12 seasons with the Bills from 1983-1994, he saw how much Bills fans support this team. Talley played in all four Super Bowls and never missed a game with Buffalo, in fact he played the most games by a linebacker in team history so he knows all about the fans and what it’s like to play in front of a packed house, something he hopes this current team gets to see soon.

“The only thing that’s really sort of irritating to me is these guys haven’t gotten the feeling of having 90,000 people cheering and having their backs every time they walk in a store, they walk in somewhere, you’ve got 90,000 people screaming and until they get that feeling I hope they stay hungry because that’s the feeling that I want them all to have and that is the best feeling in the world to know that you’ve got 80,000 behind you, plus. I mean it gives me goosebumps thinking about it because that’s the way it feels,” Talley said.

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