Bills GM Brandon Beane says there’s no COVID ‘bell curve’ when judging QB Josh Allen

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Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) throws a pass during an NFL football training camp in Orchard Park, N.Y., Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020. (James P. McCoy/The Buffalo News via AP, Pool)

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – The Bills aren’t using a pandemic as an excuse for players under performing.

All eyes are on quarterback Josh Allen as he looks to take that next step in his development from year two to year three. And while these times are certainly challenging in terms of getting ready for an NFL season, Bills general manager Brandon Beane expects the best out of his players regardless of the circumstances.

“Yeah he’s gotta prove himself but again a lot of guys do and no we don’t have a COVID bell curve or anything like that. I think naturally you’re gonna see the league, I’d be surprised if it’s the prettiest football early with no preseason,” Beane said on a zoom call with reporters.

The offense should improve given many players are returning like wide receivers John Brown and Cole Beasley. They’ve had a year in Brian Daboll’s offense and a year working with Allen. Not to mention they signed their biggest weapon when Beane traded for Stefon Diggs. Allen did struggle with connecting on the deep ball last season so that’s one of the areas he’ll look to improve this year especially now having Diggs.

“Josh is his own worst critic. I think at the end of the day we’re evaluating everybody Josh will be no different. We’ll see where he’s at you know he’s been in the league two years, he took a nice jump from year one to year two. Josh is a young player and unfortunately he didn’t have a legit offseason and so you’re trying right now to put in place for this personnel group, this is the first time Daboll’s had this group to work with, he’s had some of the pieces but not all the pieces,” Beane explained.

In addition to getting everyone on the same page in the passing game, the Bills are also dealing with changing to the offensive line.

“We lost Feliciano so working on evaluating the right side of that O-Line so a lot of changing parts from receivers to, tight ends, to even linemen those can all affect a passing play so I think all of that is a slow build. I think the defense in all my years in doing this the defense is always ahead of the curve over offense especially with our defense,” Beane said.

“I think the first few weeks people are gonna be kind of feeling their way and trying to figure out, we’re gonna have to be testing what personnel packages are working what’s not, who’s playing better.”

Not just on offense, but as a whole Beane is going to have some tough decisions to make when it comes to deciding on roster spots without having preseason games.

“You get some guys under the lights and they really make some plays or man every time this guy’s been out there in a game he just hasn’t been able to do it even though he’s done it in practice. That’s the part that I’m going to struggle with as far as we cut this roster down is we’re gonna have to evaluate some guys that never got to play in a true game,” Beane explained.

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