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Q:  A lots changed from the beginning of last season, but one of the things is that you have a defense now with ten returning starters and then you have other pieces added in.  Do you feel that overall, this is a better, equipped defense to handle what comes its way, the amount of progress it’s made from the beginning of last year to now?

A:  Yeah, I would say so. Just overall, we’ve been through some things as a team, we’ve been through some things, to your point, defensively. We’ve got a good group of guys that work hard. Smart players, tough players. They are, every week, they’re what I found at least and I’m sure the coaches would echo my feelings, is these guys put all they have in to every week, from a preparation standpoint, regardless of the opponent and a lot can be said for that. 

Q: In some ways are we seeing the future of the NFL in quarterbacks with the mobility that we see in Patrick [Mahomes], Deshaun [Watson], Josh and say Lamar?

A: I think that remains to be seen. I mean it is an exciting time, I would say, around the NFL because of such young dynamic playmakers like Lamar, like Josh, Mahomes, I mean the list goes on whether it’s quarterback position or other positions. It’s an exciting time to be around the NFL.

Q: There’s been times this season where Jon Feliciano had to slide over to center and he says it’s been easy for him because Josh does a ton of the calls and protections. Where have you seen Josh grow in that area?

A:  Again, it’s just part of his development with just his growth. He relies on those guys as well, it’s a good checks and balance which is what it should be. Josh is playing good football and continues to grow. He works at it. Got a lot of confidence in him and he’s just going to continue to develop as a person and as a football player. Coach [Ken] Dorsey and Coach [Brain] Daboll are doing really good job. That room as I said before, with Matt [Barkley] and Davis [Webb] in there, is a good room.

Q: What sort of changes did you see out of Ed [Oliver] after Jordan [Phillips] moved to the starting lineup?

A: Just overall, Ed has displayed that he’s about the team and that’s what we want. That’s who we are. That’s part of our culture and that said though, he has not, I should say he has stayed hungry, and that’s been a part of the reason for his growth of late, in my opinion. He played fast last week in Dallas and started to do some things that he’d been working on and I think as he continues to work and put time in, he’ll continue to get the results. Usually those two are connected, habits and results. 

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