Bearcats men’s basketball team opens up about 2019-20 season at Media Day


VESTAL, N.Y. – On Thursday, the Binghamton University men’s basketball team treated the media with their annual media day ahead of the team’s season opener next Tuesday.

The Bearcats are getting ready to take on Cornell on Election night in Ithaca.

This year’s squad features a lot of new faces, but also retained some key talent from last year.

Head coach Tommy Dempsey and the staff knew what they were up against after losing so many guys from last season.

But, they went into their recruitment with a particular trait in mind.

“We focused in the recruiting process on trying to bring in as many winners as we can. Guys that have played in state championships, won state championships, had incredible success in high school or in another program, those kinds of things. So, I think we have a winning mindset. If we can get off to a good start here, we can kind of keep that winning mindset in the program. That’s part of the goal,” Dempsey said.

Among those that Dempsey and his staff recruited that had success in high school were George Tinsley and Brenton Mills.

Tinsley won a state title his junior year, while Mills went out with a state championship his senior year.

Both Tinsley and Mills may be new, but they know what they can bring to the table to help the team succeed.

“I’m going to bring scoring, to help out Sam because, I don’t know, last year he did a lot of the scoring. So, I hope I can bring some scoring to help out the team this year. Play-making abilities too, and try to get my teammates involved as well,” Mills says.

“I kind of like to bring in energy and a rebounding part to the game. I like to be really energetic, I like to make hustle plays, I like to be really physical. I also can add on to scoring with Sam and also Brenton as well,” Tinsley said.

While Sam Sessoms is grateful to have some extra help in picking up points, he’s viewed as leader and will have to step up in more ways than one.

However, Sessoms has already seen this team shift from veteran-dependent to working together as equals, regardless of age.

“As the time went on, guys got more comfortable, they became more confident. I felt like that’s a big thing because we don’t want to have a team where, since Sam, Pierre, and Richard are looked at as the vets, we’re the only ones that know things. They’ve been through trials and problems in basketball in their lives that they learned from. Most importantly, we just want everybody to be able to bring in their own perspective. Hopefully, everybody listens to and be open-minded about it, because everybody has something to bring to the table, no matter if this is your first year or your fourth,” said Sessoms.

Sessoms is obviously a key factor if this B.U. team is going to produce wins.

But, with plenty of talent around him, Sam doesn’t have to do it alone.

With a mix of size and skill, as well as strong leadership, these Bearcats are primed to see a great deal of success on the court this season.

By the way, Mills’ high school, Allen, is the same high school as Heisman Trophy winner and Cardinals number one pick Kyler Murray.

Not too bad.

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