Athlete of the Week: Priscilla “Peep” Williams


What year would you guess a high school lacrosse player would be in who scored 100 career goals? Junior? Senior?

How about a freshman?

That’s the case for my Athlete of the Week.

“For how good she is, she’s still improving every day. What helps with her is she’s really good at getting her teammates involved, and making them better as well as herself,” says Head Coach Alex Walsh.

Seton Catholic Central freshman Priscilla “Peep” Williams has already accomplished something that most high school lacrosse players dream of.

Last week, Peep notched her 100th career goal, again, as only a freshman.

Her head coach at Seton, Alex Walsh, was not only impressed by her achievement, but the style in which she did it.

“It was crazy. I saw her running down the field. It was a nice little give-and-go with one of her teammates. She got it back, and instead of just tapping it in one-on-one with the goalie, she decides to do a little around-the-world action. It was something I could never do. So, it was insane.”

Peep has been a part of the Saints varsity girl’s lacrosse team since 7th grade and, not surprising to those who know her, is incredibly humbled by the achievement.

“It says that I know that I have a lot of potential, but I’m really not there yet in order to reach my goals. So, I have to get better. But, by reaching 100, I know that I’m able to get there,” Williams said.

When it comes to lacrosse and every day life, Peep is able to draw inspiration from her sister, Maddie, her parents, Stephanie and Kevin, as well as from an even higher power.

“Well, my sister, she’s always been one of my biggest inspirations just because she’s the hardest worker I know. My parents have definitely pushed me to get better each time I play. Learn from each game because you either win or you learn. You don’t really lose, you just learn that way. Also, god has been a big part of my life too because just knowing I don’t play for myself, I play for him. So, I think that’s definitely the biggest part. It’s definitely my biggest inspiration other than my sister.”

One of Peep’s biggest life goals is to be able to serve her country in the military, being inspired by her sister attending the Naval Academy.

Peep says she wants to play lacrosse at the next level some day, but that her skills on the field are more of a tool to help her get where she wants to go in the classroom.

“I’m always trying to push myself and academics are 100-percent the most important. I’m trying to use my athletics to get into a school that I otherwise wouldn’t on just academics alone. So, that’s really the main goal.”

With three more years of high school to go, Peep has plenty of time to boost her academic and athletic skills.

As far as lacrosse goes, Walsh believes that Williams’ ceiling may be non-existent.

“I don’t think she has one at this point. I mean, hitting 100 goals in 9th grade. She’s what, 14 or 15 years old. Players dream about that for all of high school, and she’s done that in middle school and half a year of high school already.”

Peep will look to continue to build on her career goal tally when the Saints take on Whitney Point Thursday at 4:30 pm.

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