Athlete of the Week: 2017-18 Wrap-Up


It’s hard to believe that our Athlete of the Week segment is coming to an end tonight.

Beginning back in September, I was tasked with the challenge of selecting one student-athlete each week to highlight.

While many were worthy, only a select few could be chosen.

During that time, I did my best to try and show not only the talent that these student-athletes possess, but also what they are like when they step off the field, court, or ice.

Tonight, we take a look back at this year’s Athletes of the Week.

Beginning way back in September, every week, NewsChannel 34 Sports gave you an inside look at some of the Southern Tier’s most impressive student-athletes.

Over the course of ten months, we told the stories of athletes, whether it was at the high school or college level, from different schools, sports, and backgrounds.

Now, each and every student-athlete I talked with had their own personal story of how they got to be where they are today.

There were stories of overcoming obstacles like losing a loved one.

“My grandpa died on May 24, 2015.”

After a goal, Jake points to the sky as a tribute to his grandpa, Robert.

Or recovering from injuries.

“Kayla tore her ACL, and was forced to sit out for 18 months because her growth plates weren’t closed. Then, in her junior year of high school, she tore her meniscus and recovered, only to repeat the injury again her freshman year of college.”

There were also tremendous successes, including athletes who were a part of championship….some who achieved individual greatness….and others who are going on to continue their careers at the next level.

Like I said, this was an incredible year in local sports, with a never-ending stream of highlight reel moments.

Whether it was a goal, basket, or touchdown, it came from some hard working, talented, and bright student-athletes.

With a needed summer break looming, we put this year’s Athlete of the Week segments on ice.

It was an unforgettable year of local sports.

During the ten months, there were 34 athletes recognized from 11 different schools.

While it’ll be nice to have a bit of a breather over the summer, I’m looking forward to the grind again come September.

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