Age is just a number: Bills backfield fueled by experience


There are currently twenty running backs and fullbacks in the NFL age 29 or older. The Bills have five.

While many around the league see that as the age when play begins to decline, Buffalo’s backfield sees it as an asset.

“It’s a lot of experience in the room,” said Taiwan Jones

‘It is a lot of experience,” added Marcus Murphy.

“Experience is the greatest teacher,” smiled Travaris Cadet. “We’ve been in the trenches before we know what it takes.”

The bottom line is nothing is going to surprise the Bills running backs.

“We’ve got guys who’ve been in a lot of different situations  and that have done a great job being a real vet and taking care of their body,” said the 30 year old Jones.

“We know how to prep. We know how to mentally and physically get yourself prepared for whatever is thrown at you on the field,” said the 29 year old Cadet.

“I take a lot from them,” said Murphy. “I learn a lot just day in and day out. Just picking their brains on different situations.”

While the league may see the Bills backfield as old, the players say age is just a number.

“We feel pretty young out here,” laughed Jones. “I know you guys look at the numbers and you think their room is pretty old but you couldn’t tell watching us run on the field.”

“When you start getting up there people start putting a label on you but it only motivates.” said Cadet.

Marcus Murphy is one of the younger backs at age 27 and makes sure to remind his fellow running backs about it.

“I mess with them every now and then. Tell Shady he’s 30 so he doesn’t have it anymore and they just laugh at it,” smiled Murphy.

“It’s all fun and jokes, but at the end of the day, we need the experience in the room and it makes everyone a lot better.”

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