5 Questions: Taron Johnson


This week for 5 Questions, the Buffalo Kickoff LIVE crew caught up with Bills corner back Taron Johnson.  Did we ask five questions? — no. We picked his brain and talked making NFL history, a blooper reel and even video games.

Nick Filipowski: All right Taron, let’s start with this. History for you, joining the NFL ranks. You’re the first from Sheldon High School drafted to the NFL. That’s gotta feel pretty good to be the first.

Taron Johnson: “It’s dope. It was something I wanted to accomplish since I was in high school. I’m just happy to haver an opportunity to rep my school.”

NF: Let’s take a look at the NFL Combine. I know the video has been viewed hundreds, thousands if not millions of times. You go through the gauntlet and the ball goes off your head. There’s no such thing as bad press, but what’s it been like being the ball off the head guy?

TJ: “It’s cool. It was something that was funny at the time. I wasn’t embarrased until after it happened but then I took it and ran with it, so it’s all good.”

NF: Weber State football history. Who was the last player drafted out of Weber State?

TJ: “I forgot his name. He was a slot receiver — Tim Toone.”

NF: What special distinction did he have in the 2010 Draft?

TJ: “He was Mr. Irrelevant”

NF: Being in the NFL, growing up everybody gets the game Madden and creates themselves.  You don’t have to do that any more. What’s it like to finally be in the video game?

TJ: “It’s a dream come true. I’ve been playing Madden ever since I was little. I’m just trying to get my rating up and be the dude.”

NF: Do you know what your rating is?

TJ: “68.”

NF: Is that too low?

TJ: “I’m a rookie, next year I’ll get it higher.”

NF: Last question, if you could face one player in the league who would it be?

TJ: “I”ve been watching Antonio Brown, so I would like to have the chance to guard him.”

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