Saatva review: Can this mattress help relieve back and joint pain?


The Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress is made in the USA with eco-friendly materials, including recycled steel coils, CertiPUR-US certified foam and a thistle pulp flame retardant barrier.

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Saatva Luxury mattress review

Getting a good night’s rest is hard with a mattress that doesn’t meet your needs, especially if you have back and joint pain. The sheer thought of shopping for a new mattress can make you lose even more sleep.

Saatva promises their Luxury Firm Mattress takes the hard work out of sleeping. Besides claiming to relieve some aches and pains, the mattress is said to offer a cool, breathable sleeping experience with an organic cotton pillow top. 

We wanted to know whether the Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress gives sleepers relief from back and joint pain, so we decided to test it out in several households over the course of nine months. Here’s what we found.  

Testing the Saatva Mattress

We tested the Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress with individuals and partners to assess whether their sleep quality and aches and pains improved. Our testers wore Fitbits, Apple Watches or other sleep monitoring devices to track changes.

Prior to sleeping on the Saatva mattress, most testers slept on older innerspring mattresses with medium firmness. Some testers also compared their sleep experiences to airbeds and hay mattresses.

Our testers shared similar concerns when it came to upgrading mattresses, with many seeking relief from back and sleep pain. Several of our testers attributed poor sleep quality to their current mattresses due to sagging, dipping or providing uneven support. A few said that noticeable motion transfer was an issue, as well. 

What is the Saatva Mattress?

The Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress, a hybrid innerspring design, aims to compete with high-end mattresses. It has an intricate coil-on-coil system covered by a layer of memory foam to maximize support and pressure relief.

The individually wrapped coils, all 884 of them, work together in a responsive design that adapts and contours to your body. The high coil count reduces motion transfer so that sleepers are less disturbed when their partners toss and turn. The Saatva mattress also has a lumbar support zone that supports healthy spinal alignment, no matter your preferred sleeping position. 

The top layer is a plush, yet breathable, 3-inch Euro pillow top made with hypoallergenic GOTS-certified organic cotton. The perimeter of the Saatva mattress is a foam encasement that prevents sagging, adding to the design’s overall durability and integrity. 

How to use the Saatva Mattress?

The Saatva mattress is compatible with most bed frames, foundations and adjustable bases. If you don’t have one of these already, you can purchase them through Saatva, as well. A box spring is not necessary. While they’re not required to enjoy the Saatva mattress, many customers also invest in the brand’s premium mattress pad, topper or waterproof protector. 

Key features of the Saatva Mattress

White glove delivery

Saatva’s white glove delivery service offered a seamless experience. Scheduling was simple, and on the day of delivery, the white glove team called with their expected arrival time. After they set up the Saatva mattresses, the team took away our old mattress and all packing materials. 

Support and pressure relief

Several testers reported notable relief from back pain and neck stiffness with Saatva mattress, some of whom characterized their sleep experience as luxurious and unparalleled. A few testers felt the improved support may have contributed to better nighttime management of respiratory issues as well. 

Other testers, however, admitted the Saatva mattress did not relieve hip or lower back pain as they had hoped. They felt support and comfort were negatively impacted by the Euro pillow top and by dipping on their partners’ sides of the bed.

Motion transfer

According to many of our testers, the Saatva mattress was effective in reducing motion transfer. Not only did it minimize the “bounce” of a partner’s tossing and turning, sleepers were not disturbed when partners got in and out of bed. However, there were isolated reports that motion transfer was more noticeable than expected. 

Temperature regulation

Our testers, who included a few hot sleepers, agreed that the Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress regulates temperature well. Those who described themselves as cold sleepers noted the mattress maintained a comfortable, cozy temperature throughout the night. 

Saatva Mattress price

The Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress, available in eight sizes, retails for $887 to $1,974. Eligible buyers can enroll in payment plans as low as $77 per month with Klarna. 

Saatva offers a first responders discount of $225 off purchases of $1,000 or more to active duty, military veterans, government employees, nurses, medical providers, health care professionals, teachers and senior citizens over 55. 

Where is the Saatva Mattress sold?

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress is available from Saatva.

Saatva Mattress benefits

We found the Saatva mattress was effective at keeping sleepers comfortable in more than one way, from support to pressure relief to temperature regulation. Some testers reported the Saatva may have alleviated some chronic conditions as well, including respiratory issues and insomnia. 

Saatva earns praise for its no-hassle order and delivery experience, which includes setup and free mattress removal. Our testers also remarked that the mattress was well-packaged, and it didn’t have any peculiar odors that require off-gassing when unwrapped. 

The Saatva mattress works well for partners with different sleep habits, positions and schedules. Most notably, it minimized motion transfer. The firmness level was considered versatile enough to accommodate partners with different firmness preferences.

Saatva Mattress drawbacks 

Some testers didn’t find the Saatva mattress to be comfortable, nor did it alleviate back or joint pain. Had they not surpassed the 180-night trial window, they may have returned it for another mattress.

The plush Euro pillow top isn’t ideal for sleepers who prefer firm, flat mattresses. Some testers found the design of the pillow top to have a somewhat lumpy feel. 

Some shoppers admit it may be challenging to select the ideal Saatva mattress. If it’s not the right one, they need to go through a return or exchange process that may prove time-consuming. However, many shoppers agree that Saatva customer service is helpful and responsive in these situations and others. 

Should you get the Saatva Mattress?

We found Saatva’s Luxury Firm Mattress contributes to better, more peaceful sleep for many people. It supports optimal spinal alignment, which is why the Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress is an ideal, budget-friendly investment if you seek relief from mild to moderate aches and pains.

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