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Which boxing equipment for beginners is best?

Boxing is a great sport to get into as a beginner. If you’re not shooting for the pros, then you don’t need a lot of space, time or expensive equipment. That being said, there are a few basics you need even as a beginning boxer.

Protection and conditioning are the two most important factors for beginner boxers. Make sure you have a quality pair of boxing gloves — such as Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves — a good hand wrap and a decent bag. If you plan on sparring in the ring, there is some other safety equipment you may need, but otherwise, gloves, wraps and a bag are enough to begin.

What to know before you buy boxing equipment for beginners

Boxing gloves

Which boxing gloves are best for a beginner is a highly debatable decision. You’ll want something durable and comfortable, but you don’t want to break the bank with the best boxing glove on the market. The two most common types of gloves for beginners are bag gloves and sparring gloves. A good pair of bag gloves is usually more helpful for beginners, since they protect your hands against contact with heavy bags. Try not to go with the cheapest option, otherwise you’ll end up needing to replace your gloves every few weeks. 

Hand wraps

While boxing gloves are meant to protect your hands and knuckles, you’ll still rub up against the interior makings of the glove when you throw punches. Extra protection for your skin and all the tiny bones in your hands and wrists is helpful. Hand wraps also serve to collect sweat, keeping your gloves cleaner and fresher longer. Hand wraps for boxing come in many sizes, styles and colors. Longer wraps give you the flexibility to wrap your hands in unique ways, while shorter wraps aren’t as versatile. 

Boxing bag

Some boxing bags are designed to stand on their own, while others require a heavy bag stand. Having your own boxing bag is only necessary if you want to practice boxing or do your training routines at home. If you’re using a boxing gym or a trainer, you don’t absolutely need your own bag. That being said, having a safe place at home to throw out the frustrations of the day certainly comes in handy. Heavier bags are always better than lightweight bags since they can handle strong punches and won’t swing around as much through your routine.

What to look for in quality boxing equipment for beginners

Safety equipment

Boxing gloves are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for beginner and expert boxers alike. However, if you plan to get into sparring sessions, then you’ll definitely want to look for additional safety equipment. Boxing headgear, a mouthguard and groin and chest protectors are all valuable pieces of safety equipment if you plan to get into sparring. Repeated punches to the head and face can cause severe injury. Chest punches and other body punches can be debilitating if you’re not prepared. Make sure you’re ready for any sparring session with the proper safety equipment.

Proper fit and sizing

When gathering boxing equipment for beginners, you’ll want to be sure everything fits correctly and is the right size. A pair of boxing gloves that’s too heavy will limit your abilities, while a bag that’s too light will swing around too much to be useful. Consider your options, your boxing goals and your budget before diving into boxing equipment for beginners. If you purchase something you intend to use regularly, make sure it fits well and is the best size for your needs, even if that means paying a little more.


It’s normal for beginner boxers to want to save some money as they invest in their new fitness regime. That being said, you want to be sure you don’t skip corners or go with the cheapest options just because they’ll save some money in the short run. For example, a pair of cheap gloves may save you some money on the front end, but they won’t hold up well to a heavy bag or regular practice. You’ll end up spending more money in the long run by continually replacing your cheap gloves than if you had purchased a durable pair from the beginning. Always go with something that can hold up against the wear and tear of regular impact.

How much you can expect to spend on boxing equipment for beginners

Boxing equipment doesn’t need to break the bank, but the price of equipment depends on the quality of the items. For example, gloves can vary from $20 to $200, while bags can be between $80 and $1000.

Boxing equipment for beginners FAQ

How can a beginner start boxing at home?

A. Boxing is a wonderful sport for beginners, since all you really need is gloves, hand wraps and a good bag. Set that up in your basement, give yourself space to move around and you can begin boxing at home.

Will boxing three times a week get me in shape?

A. A serious boxing session can be a great workout. While you won’t burn many calories throwing slow, lackluster punches, proper training and speedy boxing sessions can get you in fighting shape in no time.

What’s the best boxing equipment for beginners to buy?

Top boxing equipment for beginners

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves

What you need to know: You can’t get into boxing without a good pair of gloves, so check out these highly durable padded training gloves for your beginner boxing needs. 

What you’ll love: Different options make it possible for different users to find their ideal size and weight. Any beginning boxer will enjoy the long-lasting latex foam padding as well as the easy-to-use hook-and-loop straps. 

What you should consider: Some threads can come loose through heavy use and serious boxing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top boxing equipment for beginners for the money

Everlast 120-Inch Cotton Hand Wraps

Everlast 120-Inch Cotton Hand Wraps

What you need to know: While some beginners may be inclined to skip the hand wraps, don’t make that mistake.

What you’ll love: Perfect for beginners or experts, both men and women, this boxing hand wrap will keep your hands extra-protected. Choose from five different colors and rest assured that your hands will be safe and sound inside your gloves. 

What you should consider: Some users were disappointed with the support offered by this hand wrap and felt it came apart too easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Everlast Nevatear 100-Pound Heavy Bag

Everlast Nevatear 100-Pound Heavy Bag

What you need to know: Whether you want to invest in a boxing training gym or set one up at home, this 100-pound heavy bag is a great way to practice your boxing skills.

What you’ll love: Created with a blend of synthetic and natural fibers, this heavy bag offers beginning boxers excellent shock absorbency. Reinforced webbing allows for durability while the heavy-duty straps keep it secure and safe.

What you should consider: This heavy bag requires a stand for use.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods


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