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Which Old Spice aftershaves are best?

Aftershave is essential if you want to sooth your skin and leave your face feeling fresh and smelling clean after shaving. The right aftershave can provide a jolt and leave you feeling confident because it can revive skin and double as a cologne. 

Old Spice is a trusted brand that now makes a variety of body and bath products, but was first known for its aftershave, which resembles the classic barbershop fragrance. The Old Spice aftershave that works for you can vary depending on your skin type and scent preference, but the best one overall is Old Spice After Shave Classic

What to know before you buy a Old Spice aftershave

Types of aftershave 

The purpose of aftershave is to soothe, moisturize and regenerate the skin after shaving. It’s sold in four forms.

  • Splashes: They have a thin consistency and typically a higher alcohol content, which makes them a good disinfectant, but they can be harsh on dry skin. 
  • Lotions: Resembling barber splashes, these are liquid and also often contain alcohol that can dry out skin. 
  • Balms: These are typically more skincare products than cologne. They often contain little to no alcohol and can be made from natural organic ingredients. They moisturize and are recommended for those with sensitive or dry skin. 
  • Gels: Shaving gel is not as moisturizing as a balm, but it is refreshing and soothing for skin. Both gels and balms have more texture and are thicker than lotions. 


Many Old Spice aftershaves, including the classic, are splashes, which means they are watery and easily absorbed into the skin. However, this can be messy and lead to waste, so start slowly and use sparingly until you get the hang of it. Lotions, gels and balms are easier to apply and evenly distribute. 

What to look for in an Old Spice aftershave


Aftershaves now come in a variety of scents, but Old Spice takes a nostalgic approach. The classic scent’s spicy amber makes it distinctive when compared to other brands. It lasts long, with faint notes of resin and vanilla that can linger. 

Alcohol content  

Alcohol is a great antiseptic that kills bacteria, but it can dry out skin and irritate sensitive skin. It can also make your skin more susceptible to ingrown hairs. As a result, there are many types of aftershave with little to no alcohol, which makes them healthier for the skin. 

The classic Old Spice aftershave is a splash that contains alcohol, so be careful if you have sensitive skin. 

How much you can expect to spend on Old Spice aftershave

Old Spice aftershave ranges from $5-$25, mainly based on the size of the bottle. If you find a scent you like, ordering a multi-pack can significantly lower the price. 

Old Spice aftershave FAQ

What should I do after applying aftershave?

A. Once you have completed your shaving routine, rinse off the shaved area with cold water to remove any remaining cream or aftershave. Make sure to pat your skin dry and not rub with a clean towel. Rubbing aggressively can damage or irritate your skin.

Does Old Spice test its products on animals?

A. Not unless a specific country requires it by law. Old Spice is committed to working with the Humane Society and People for Ethical Treatment of Animals to create and promote alternatives for animal testing. Old Spice has invested $420 million in non- animal testing alternatives.

Will aftershave make my hair grow faster?

A. Aftershave does not affect hair growth or thickness. After shaving, the hair will have a blunt tip, which could make it more visible, but it’s not thicker.

What’s the best Old Spice aftershave to buy?

Top Old Spice aftershave

Old Spice After Shave Classic

Old Spice After Shave Classic

What you need to know: The classic Old Spice aftershave offers a cool, crisp and unmistakable scent.

What you’ll love: This Americana-scented aftershave will leave you feeling refreshed after shaving. It limits irritation and disinfects small nicks the razor may have caused.

What you should consider: Some find this scent to be weaker than that of other Old Spice products. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Old Spice aftershave for the money

Old Spice Pure Sport After Shave Multi-Pack

Old Spice Pure Sport After Shave Multi-Pack

What you need to know: You can get this Old Spice aftershave for a fraction of the price with a multi-pack.

What you’ll love: The athlete in you will love this alternative to the classic, which has been specifically formulated for faces that sweat heavily. 

What you should consider: Some long-term customers have noted that the scent has changed over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Old Spice Whitewater Aftershave

Old Spice Whitewater Aftershave

What you need to know: The European version of the American classic Old Spice aftershave has a vintage scent, while retaining the same benefits.

What you’ll love: This original fragrance is hard to find in the U.S., and many customers prefer this version. Not only is the scent different, but so is the packaging and the glass bottle. 

What you should consider: If not handled gently, the pump and spray part of the bottle can break after time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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