10/1 update: The tower crews are expected to come in the middle of this month.

After August 2, 2019 some HD channels will be moving to new frequencies.

If you use a TV with an antenna you will need to rescan your TV to receive a new channel for ABC WIVT-TV and NBC WBGH-TV.

How to re-scan

For those still having difficulties:

If you are still experiencing difficulties there is still hope if you were receiving our old DT34 signal before switching to DT27 on August 2nd , 2019. 

While we are broadcasting 24/7 at the full power level licensed to us by the FCC and not experiencing any technical difficulties we are, however, using a temporary side mounted auxiliary antenna.  A new top mounted antenna for DT27 will be installed on our tower soon.  Before this can happen the old top mounted antenna and all the transmission line will need to be removed now that the old transmitter has been turned off.  Unfortunately we can’t provide a date on installation of the new main antenna.  We are at the mercy of an out of state tower crew assigned to complete this, they are working alongside several other Repack stations like us throughout the country.

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