It’s no secret that Greater Binghamton is filled with Remarkable Women – from our doctors, nurses, teachers and other front line, essential workers to our sisters, wives, daughters.

NewsChannel 34 set off on a mission to find the remarkable women in our area.

We received multiple submissions about so many incredible women, it was extremely hard to get it down to our 4 finalists.

Each week in the month of March, we’ll be sharing a new Remarkable Woman profile.

Stay tuned for the end of the month, when our grand prize winner is revealed.

WEEK 1: Francess “Myrph” McMahon

After running her own dog training business for years, Myrph decided in 2016 to start her own non-profit organization.

Stand With Me assists veterans who suffer from PTSD get and train their own service dogs.

Myrph helps them train their own, personal dogs to become their official service dogs.

Watch Myrph walk through training with her demo dog, Isla, in the video below.

WEEK 2: Naima Kradjian

Naima is no stranger to the arts lovers in Binghamton.

She started her career in New York City, where she appeared in commercials, print ads, soap operas and more.

After 6 years in the City, Naima’s husband was tragically killed in a car accident that also left Naima’s legs crushed.

That didn’t stop her, though – through hard work and determination, she picked herself up, and moved to Binghamton – where she saw some serious potential.

Now, she and the folks at the Goodwill Theatre and putting their hearts and souls into restoring and expanding the theatre, making it a theatre destination.

WEEK 3: Kwamia Sanford

Kwamia knows what it feels like to chase your dream.

Mia grew up very close with her grandfather, whom she called “Big Dad.”

The special relationship she cultivated with him created immense pain when Big Dad fell ill and later died.

During the course of his illness, Mia got inspired by the home nurse that went above and beyond for her father and family, and decided she wanted to help people in the same way.

Now working for UHS, Mia helps people everyday, especially being on the frontlines of COVID – 19.

She also cares for her family, including her husband, Vincent, and son Tanner, who is 6 years-old and autistic.

Mia’s passion, kindness and willing to help is inspiring.

WEEK 4: Brooke Akam

Brooke LOVES her job – she gets to spend all day hanging out with people she cares about!

Brooke is a Direct Support Professional at the Southern Tier Independence Center.

She works with adults with disabilities, and helps them to live on their own.

They also do fun stuff, like watch movies, walk or have picnics.

Brooke doesn’t think she’s special or remarkable for her work, it’s simply a passion she has.

Even when life doesn’t come easy, Brooke always finds a way to see the silver lining.

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