Desiree DePersiis

Binghamton, New York 

Desiree has a vision of downtown Binghamton being a fashion destination. Despite those who believed she couldn’t do it, she worked incredibly hard and now has a thriving store on Chenango Street, Tesorina Boutique.


Watch Desiree’s full interview with Jim Ehmke:

You can visit Tesorina’s website here

And follow them on Facebook and Instagram: tesorinaboutique

Desiree’s nomination letter:

I’m nominating Desiree DePersiis as a remarkable women in our community.

She had a dream, found a niche, and helped be a small part of revitalizing downtown Binghamton.

Desiree received her degree in Fashion Merchandising. She went to NYC to do a internship, came home and could not find a job in her field.

She had a dream of opening her own clothing boutique.

She quickly found that with every turn there were many obstacles, naysayers and financing was so hard to obtain.

The more she was told “No” the harder she tried.

She never gave up.

With the help of SBDC, she learned how to start her own business, open a LLC, create a business plan and find financing.

In 2017 her dream of opening Tesorina Boutique in Downtown Binghamton came true.

She entered the BLDC Business Plan contest in 2017 and won the competition.

The city of Binghamton embraced her and helped her succeed. She has a dream of seeing Downtown Binghamton becoming a Fashion Destination.

She has since given back to our community by making it a top priority to promote local businesses, designers and artists to display their art and products in her store.

She does monthly pop-ups showcasing local entrepreneurs goods and services.

She values her experience of her internship and helps new interns learn and gain experience by offering internships at her Boutique.

She has been a part of several charities and fundraisers were she has shared a percent of the profits from her store.

Desiree is my daughter and I am very proud of her and her accomplishments.

We are a close knit Italian family and family means everything to us.

She always is there if we need her and the 1st one to step in to help. She is truly an inspiration to all of us.

Never give up on your dreams!!!!

Alice Cavanagh

Alice’s life changed very quickly when her husband had a life changing accident while they were raising their four kids. Alice learned that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, yet you find a way to get back on your feet and start living again.

Molly Santa Croce

Molly lost her daughter, Megan, in November of 2018 when Megan was 23 years-old. In coping with the reality of losing a loved one, Molly participates in community activities and is coming up with new ways to keep Megan’s memory alive.

Watch Molly’s extended interview with Jim Ehmke here:

Reva Reid

Reva has a passion for helping others, especially those with special needs. Reva has devoted her life to helping children learn life skills, or get the right adaptive equipment for their needs. She works tirelessly, starting campaigns, attending fundraisers and volunteering with groups to help serve and care for the children in our community.

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