Everything a western New Yorker needs to know about the 2020 elections can be found below:

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all voters are eligible for an absentee ballot this year. Through October 27, you can download a request here.

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List of races and candidates

President of the US – 1

Donald Trump (R)

Joe Biden (D)

Jo Jorgensen (L)

Howie Hawkins (G)

Vice President of the US – 2

Mike Pence (r)

Kamala Harris (d)

Spike Cohen (l)

Angela Walker (g)

Representative in Congress 23rd District – 3

Tracy Mitrano – (dem, wf)

Tom Reed – (r, c, i)

Andrew Kolstee – Lib

Representative in Congress 26th District – 4

Brian Higgins – (d,w)

Ricky Donovan Sr. (r)

Michael Raleigh (g)

Representative in Congress 27th District – 5

Nathan McMurray (d, wf)

Chris Jacobs (r, c, I)

Duane Whitmer (Lib)

New York State Senator 57th District – 6

Frank Puglisi (d)

George Borrello (r)

New York State Senator 59th District – 7

Jason Klimek – D

Patrick Gallivan –R, c, i

New York State Senator 60th District – 8

Sean Ryan – D

Joshua Mertzlufft – R

New York State Senator 61st District – 9

Jacqualine Berger – D

Edward Rath III – R, C, I, SAM

New York State Assembly District 139 – 10

Stephen Hawley – R, C Ind

Mark Glogowski – LBT

New York State Assembly District 140 – 11

William Conrad, III (dem, wor, ind)

Robert Pecoraro (rep, con)

Anthony Baney (Gre)

New York State Assembly District 141 – 12

Crystal Peoples – D

Sean Miles – R

New York State Assembly District 142 – 13

Patrick Burke – D

Matthew Szalkowski – R

New York State Assembly District 143 – 14

Monica Piga Wallace – D

Frank Smierciak II – R

New York State Assembly District 146 – 15

Karen McMahon (dem, wor)

Robin Wolfgang (rep, con , ind)

Ruben Cartagena, Jr. (gre)

New York State Assembly District 148 -16

W. Ross Scott (d)

Joseph Giglio (r)

New York State Assembly District 149 – 17

Jonathan Rivera – D

Joseph Totaro – R

New York State Assembly District 150 – 18

Christina Cardinale (d)

Andrew Goodell (r)

Supreme Court Justice – 8th Judicial District -19

Amy Martoche (dem, wor)

Gerald Greenan, III (rep, con, ind)

Erie County

Lancaster Councilman 101

Michael Wozniak (D, C, I)

Dawn Gaczewski (R)

Newstead Councilman 102

Adam Burg (d,c)

Patricia Pope (r, i)

Niagara County

Niagara County Court Judge 201

Caroline Wojtaszek (dem, rep, gre, ind sam)

Michael Benedict (con, wor, lbt)

Niagara County District Attorney 202

Brian Seaman (rep, ind, con, lbt)

John Ceretto II (dem, wor)

Niagara County Sheriff 203

Brian Grear (working)

Michael Filicetti (dem, rep, con, lbt, ind)

Hartland Proposition 1

Should the office of the tax collector in the Town of Hartland be abolished, and the powers and duties of that office transferred to the clerk?

Royalton Proposition 1

Should the town code of the Town of Royalton be amended to extend the length of the term of the office of the Town Supervisor from 2 years to 4 years, commencing January 1 2022?

Royalton Proposition 2

Should the town code of the Town of Royalton be amended to extend the length of the term of the office of the Town Highway Superintendent from 2 years to 4 years commencing January 1, 2022?

Chautauqua County

Chautauqua County Executive – 301

Richard Morrisroe – D

Paul Wendel Jr – R

Chautauqua County District Attorney – 302

Patrick Swanson – D

Jason Schmidt – R

Chautauqua County Legislator District 1 – 303

Phillip Collier (d)

Kevin Muldowney (r)

Chautauqua County Legislator District 10 – 304

Zachary Agett – D

Kenneth Lawton – R

Brocton Village Trustee – 305 (vote for 2)

Carol Horlacher – D

Craig Miller – R

Mark Belcher – R

Fredonia Village Trustee – 306

EvaDawn Bashaw – D

John Sedota – R

Cattaraugus County

City of Olean Alderman Ward 1 401

Linda Witt (d)

Lawrence Bennion, Jr. (r)

City of Salamanca Mayor 402

Ronald Ball (r)

Sandra Magiera (d)

City of Salamanca Ward 4 –403

Paul Myers (d)

Gary Wind (r)

City of Salamanca Ward 5 – 404

Kenneth Nary (ABC)

Janet Koch (d)

Freedom Councilman – 405

Arthur Baker (d)

Robert Morgan (r)

Freedom Justice – 406

Kara Brunner (d,r)

Jennifer Lynn Daugherty (c, wf)

Little Valley Town Justice – 407

Vance Hess, III (d)

Christine Wrona (r)

Napoli Councilman – 408

Jeffrey Stacey, Sr. (r)

Jack Fuller (tax cut)

Genesee County

Genesee County Sheriff – 501

David Krzemien – D

William Sheron Jr. – R

City of Batavia Councilman at Large – 502

Samuel DiSalvo – D

Jeremy Karas – R

Town of Alabama Town Council – 503

Terry Thompson – D

Kevin Veazey – R

Pavilion Town Highway Superintendent – 504

Todd Hackett – Pavilion Roads

James Cleveland – R, Ind

Orleans County

Orleans County Clerk – 601

Diane Shampine – C

Nadine Hanlon – R

Murray Superintendent of Highways – 602

Dirk Lammes, Jr. – R, C

James DeFilipps – I

Allegany County

Wirt Councilman – 701

Christie Miller

Darla Ostrum

Angelica Proposition 1 – 702

In accordance with the terms of the Amended Host Community Agreement between Hyland Facility Associates and the Town of Angelica, dated December 27, 1999, as amended in February 14, 2005, shall the Hyland Project be expanded to include an additional 107 acres of cell area, which will trigger increased host fees to the Town and produce approximately $65,000,000 of additional revenue to the Town and approximately $13,000,000 of revenue to the Village of Angelica over the life of the facility? Yes or No

Wyoming County

Bennington Town Justice– 801

Lani Brandon – D

James Wawrzyniak – R

Castile Town Council – 802

David Phillips II – R

Louis Cichelli

Warsaw Library Trustee – 803 (vote for 2)

Peter Robinson – D

Deborah Gillen – R

Lynda Wick – R