ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II there are many questions about what happens now, 18 News spoke to a British Historian who was able to tell us more about what’s to come.

Andrew Walkling is a British Historian with Binghamton University, when asked about what will happen next after the Queen’s death he told 18 News that the Queen’s son Charles became King Charles III immediately following her death.

King Charles has faced many different forms of criticism throughout his life, and questions arise if people around the world will approve of him now being King. According to Walkling, he thinks it’s going to be interesting to see because of King Charles’ involvement in politics.

“Either there will be some concerns about that, or maybe he will learn how to be more above politics now that he’s become king,” Walkling said.

With this being such a major and traumatic event, there are questions about if the death of Queen Elizabeth will have any ramifications on the British Economy.

Walkling doesn’t think there will be any impact on the British economy because the monarchy is a symbol, and it’s not about politics.

“They have a new Prime Minister as of just a couple of days ago, and that will affect all sorts of things,” Walkling said. “The monarch is not somebody with actual power, and it makes an odd moment actually,” he said, “with the death of a monarch, not much changes politically, but a lot of things change with symbolism, especially with someone like Queen Elizabeth who is the longest reigning monarch in British history,” he said.

King Charles, now 73, becomes king after Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign. Queen Elizabeth became queen after her father’s death in 1952 when she was only 25.