Residents of Kennebunkport, Maine are remembering an American hero who they had the pleasure to call a neighbor and friend. 

Kristi Maxwell of Harrisburg, PA told 22News, “You know sad, but I think they left a legacy here in the town, and that’s always going to be felt.”

Kennebunkport residents shared fond memories with 22News of the longest-lived president in U.S. history, George H.W Bush.

Bush passed away Friday at the age 94, just months after his wife of 7 decades, Barbara Bush.

Maxwell noted, “They will be missed dearly, but we’ll have a lot of great memories here.”

The 41st president had been visiting Kennebunkport, Maine since he was a child. It was a tradition he passed on to his family, spending half the year there at his compound, and the other half in Texas. 

Community members of the small coastal town told 22News that, despite decades in public office, the Bush’s were down to earth people, who they would often see around town. 

Political consultant Tony  Cignoli of  Kennebunkport, ME told 22News, “Zipping out of this little bay, behind me, across the Atlantic ocean. All around Kennebunkport, down to Ogunquit and etc. You know, followed by Secret Service and it was just amazing because this thing was just so fast and so cool. And people knew him for that.”

The patriarch of the political dynasty even attended one local couple’s wedding.

H B Provisions owner Bonnie Clement told 22News, “You meet somebody and you either click or you don’t click, and we clicked. We developed a friendship that grows over the years. And for us, it just grew over the years. As you can see from the wall, we’ve had a lot of great experiences, both here and in Houston and in D.C.”

To honor the man who helped bring an end to the Cold War, a makeshift memorial was set up overlooking the Bush compound.

People traveled as far as Detroit, paying their respects to the last World War II veteran to be Commander in Chief.

Matt Murphy of Birmingham, MI shared his thoughts of the former President, “One of the best Presidents that we had. Such an honorable man. No controversy. Straight shooter. Very well respected around the world. One of the last great Presidents that we had.”

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