(WCMH) – This Sunday on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” the San Francisco 49ers, 2-3, will host the Indianapolis Colts, 2-4, at Levi’s Stadium in California, for the NFL’s Week 7.

After three straight weeks of losses, San Francisco will have a chance to take down Indianapolis on the 49ers’ home turf. The Colts, however, might be able to ride the momentum of their victory over the Texans last week, even though the match-up was heavily in Indianapolis’ favor before the game started.

San Francisco quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance have traded off the position this season, with Garoppolo starting the first four games and Lance taking on the position for the Week 5 game, due to Garoppolo’s calf contusion.

Since last week was a bye week for the team, it’s possible Garoppolo will be healthy enough to play. In addition, Lance suffered a knee sprain in the Week 5 loss against the undefeated Arizona Cardinals, so he might be unable to play. Head coach Kyle Shanahan’s decision on the QB position could come down to game time.

On the Colt’s side, Former Eagles QB Carson Wentz was tapped to lead the team after their legendary quarterback Phillip Rivers retired in 2020. But Wentz, 28, has had a rough start to the 2021 season with three interceptions, two fumbles and eight sacks. This was especially troubling after a punishing 2020 season that put him at the top of the NFL list for interceptions and sacks.

But things might be turning around for Wentz, he has improved during the last two games against powerhouse Baltimore and the aforementioned Houston, scoring four touchdowns and zero interceptions through two games. This all builds the anticipation for Sunday’s game which is crucial for Wentz and the team to remain competitive in the division.

Watch ‘Sunday Night Football’ starting at 7 p.m. on NBC.