LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – On Wednesday morning, the National Football League held a youth clinic for local middle school boys and girls and let’s just say, the kids received star-studded instruction.

Twenty-one of the draft top prospects, who will be on the red-carpet Thursday to hear their names called, taught plenty of skills and gave the expected thrills.

On the eve of the biggest night for some of the college’s top prospects, they were big kids among kids, soaking up the sun, showcasing their skills and anxious to be among the chosen.

“I mean everything for me is about the future. Just being out here is a blessing,” Oregon Duck prospect Kayvon Thibodeaux said. “Being able to teach them the game I love, being able to give them the tools I was given back in the day- It’s a blessing. And then tomorrow to be getting drafted? C’mon man.”

In the shadow of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, the most down to earth imminent millionaires were making memories for local kids anxious to get a little bit better today. Cincinnati Bearcat prospect, cornerback Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner embraced the day.

“I couldn’t ask for it to be any other way than being here with the kids. Being able to put big smiles on the kids,” Gardner said. “That’s what it’s all about. I remember when I was younger, I always wanted to get to be with the guys I looked up to in the NFL. For the kids to be able to come up to me smiling, saying they knew who I am- that’s just a blessing.”

For one makeshift field to capture smiles for miles, more than a few flexes and a cameo by a casual commissioner was a picture-perfect day to make an impact.

“I’m not even thinking about the Draft tomorrow. I’m just so caught up in the moment with the kids and having fun,” Gardner added.

For an eventful Wednesday on the field with the fan experience, a few dozen prospects charmed many kids.

On Thursday night, the same prospects will have their moment in front of millions and Las Vegas will always be a part of their story.