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It was a confluence of venue and date availability that brought the LeSean McCoy Charity Softball game to Rochester. 

Everyone seemed to think it worked out fine. 

Frontier Field was about half full for the game Saturday night that featured McCoy and over a dozen of his Bills teammates. Head Coach Rex Ryan also played. 

The softball was both amusingly bad and impressively jaw-dropping. Sometimes on back to back pitches, as when McCoy whiffed on his first swing and connected for a no-doubt home run on his second. 

Chris Hogan won the Home Run Derby was likely the best player of the bunch, but Sammy Watkins, Jerome Felton and Jerry Hughes also homered. 

Proceeds from the game went to McCoy’s foundation Shades of Greatness that helps in the fight against ALS. It’s a fight McCoy took up after his grandmother, Maryann Branch, died of the disease in 2010. 

While the main purpose of the game was for a good cause, the event also can do good for the cause of the Bills’ 2015 season. 

“It just helps you building that chemistry,” Boobie Dixon said. “Believe it or not, even though we’re playing softball, we getting better out here. Just learning how we interact with each other. Finding out what the next guy is like. Finding his favorite color (laughs). Stuff like that. It’s all fun!”

“I was just telling my friends and my family, just how excited I am to be here,” McCoy said. “Being around the guys — this locker room — this is by far the best, I want to say ‘team chemistry,’ that I’ve been around in a long time.”

It was likely McCoy’s first trip to Rochester, a place where he’ll plenty of time come August. 

“We get to come out and see the fans and that’s great,” McCoy said. “Rochester is an excellent place; a lot of good people, so I’m trying to get comfortable here. I’m new.”

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