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Police in Milton, Georgia released the full reports of three previous domestic incidents involving Bills running back LeSean McCoy and his ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon. 

They also released the 911 call from Tuesday morning after an attacker invaded McCoy’s home Tuesday morning. 

The caller, assumably Cordon, tells the 911 operator her face was “demolished… I’m bleeding everywhere.” She spends much of the call agonizing over the location of her missing 16 year old son.

Cordon also indicates on multiple occasions she believes McCoy is involved in the attack. Towards the end of the call, Cordon is nervous to come out of the home because she thinks McCoy may be watching via surveillance cameras he installed the month before. 

None of the police reports from the three previous visits. include anything about violence from either party. The tone of both McCoy and Cordon is notably civil in their conversations with officers. 

In July of 2017, police were called to McCoy’s home after he had piled up some of Cordon’s things in the driveway. 

McCoy had begun the eviction process that day, but police informed him that did not mean Cordon would have to be out of the house that day. McCoy seemed to understand and said he would take her things back inside. 

He told police he was concerned of being around Cordon and opening the door to her making “false accusations” about him. The climate of domestic violence prevention in the NFL was mentioned as a factor. 

McCoy also said jewelers loaned them high end items to wear at events and Cordon had not yet returned some of them. 

Police advised him to live elsewhere, if possible, and have witnesses around whenever they were together. 

Cordon was not present when police first arrived, but did return before they left. She was arrested and taken into custody because there was an open warrant from Alpharetta Police due to a traffic citation Cordon had not yet addressed. 

In April, police were again called to the McCoy household, but Cordon and McCoy had worked out their issue before officers arrived. 

McCoy was attempting to move furniture out of the house against Cordon’s wishes and that prompted the 911 call. The 911 operator did say things sounded “heated” over the phone. 

The third incident was the June 1st allegation already discussed by Cordon’s lawyer in his statement Tuesday. He characterized that incident as McCoy trying to wrongfully evict Cordon from the house. 

The police report says McCoy’s mother, Daphne, told officers she and McCoy’s family were removing McCoy’s belongings from the house, not Cordon’s. McCoy was moving out of the house. 

Officers told Daphne McCoy any “communal property” could not be removed from the house. She countered by pointing out McCoy had paid for everything in the house. Therefore, it should all be his and allowed to be removed. 

Police said all but McCoy’s clothing and personal items would have to be divided up in civil court since he and Cordon shared the home. McCoy’s mother and movers complied with the police request and put everything back in the home except for McCoy’s clothes and shoes. 

McCoy was notified of the incident by phone while police were on scene and said he understood. Police reported McCoy intended to call his lawyer and start the eviction process. 

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