First fights break out at camp


It happens every camp, thought not often this early in camp. 

Sunday morning featured the first fights of camp in just the fourth practice.

“I was like, it’s only day four. Single practices and we already having fights. Man, they don’t know what it’s like!” joked Lorenzo Alexander, who’s been in the NFL long enough to remember month long training camps and two-a-day practices. 

Both scuffles were early in practice in the same drill: 11 on 11. Both involved linemen. The first was more serious and involved a few punches. It was hard to tell who was involved. A few snaps later, linebacker Deon Lacey and tackle D’Ondre Wesley were pushing after a snap. Things were calm after that. 

After the first fricas, the Bills got back to the line and snapped the next play faster than many reporters on the sideline can ever remember. It was as if the fight never happened. 

The credit goes to Sean McDermott. 

“He preaches to us all the time. Everything is not going to go our way. Things are gonna happen. What are you gonna do next?” Jordan Mills said. “Had a little scuffle? Move on to the next play. And that’s it.”

Jerry Hughes is often an emotional lightning rod. Sunday was no different. He stuck his nose in the first battle between players, though it was hard to tell if he was instigator, peacemaker or some combination of both. 

“Jerry brings the juice,” Dion Dawkins said. “We all feed off of each other. When Jerry gets like that, the line and the D-line just gets juiced up because we’re feeding off his energy.”

Like almost every camp fight, any differences were quickly patched up. Football teams can’t afford to hold grudges. 

“We leave it on the field because we’re all on one team,” Alexander said. “We understand that if we are going to have any success, we gotta be together.”

“That’s all just ball. There’s emotions and we’re all grown men, so fights happen,” Dawkins said. “Then, it’s over. Let’s go to the next play.”

AJ McCarron appeared the winner of the quarterback derby on day four. He took reps with the first team in all but one drill and looked very comfortable. 

Josh Allen was fine, but less spectacular than Saturday morning. He had the highlight play of the day on a 40-yard bomb to Robert Foster. Allen moved well in the pocket to avoid a rush. The throw wasn’t perfect, but Foster maintained space between himself and the DB nicely with an arm to make a small adjustment and reel the ball in. 

Nate Peterman ended the first week of camp as the clear third horse. However, there are still plenty more reps and, maybe, plenty more fights to come. 

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