BINGHAMTON, NY – The YWCA is expanding upon its mission by increasing its daycare offerings and providing housing to a new segment of the community.

A 24 million dollar project was announced this afternoon on Carroll Street in Binghamton.

It involves the renovation of the former Urban League building across from Columbus Park as well as the construction of affordable housing units behind the building and around the corner on Lisle Avenue.

The YWCA plans to move its Young Wonders child care program from its location on Hawley Street to the Urban League building, increasing its capacity from 45 to 90 children.

The other portion of the project is a 4 story apartment building with 60 units of affordable housing, with a portion reserved for low-income seniors.

Lauren Dula is President of the YWCA Board.

“We are going from cradle to old age in terms of the people we are looking to help. We could not be happier with our staff and with the support we are receiving in order to help as many children, as many women, as many families as we possibly can,” says Dula.

Both the City of Binghamton and state are contributing funds for the estimated 4 million dollar renovation of the Urban League building into a state-of-the-art childcare center.

The city is proving $500,000 in American Rescue Plan funding and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo secured a state grant worth $250,000.

YWCA Executive Director Carole Coppens says it takes partnerships to address serious local challenges like the need for childcare and affordable senior housing.

“I can’t thank you enough. It’s a grand day for Binghamton. It’s a wonderful day for the YWCA and for all of us,” says Coppens.

Coppens says this is the first time the YWCA will provide housing for families and seniors through its efficiency, one bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments.

The YWCA currently provides housing only to women and their young children.
Mayor Rich David says the project will help to transform Lisle Avenue.

The YWCA will acquire and demolish 34 Lisle while the sold 2 vacant lots on the street to the YWCA for 1 dollar each.