ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–Before becoming the next Lieutenant Governor of New York State, Antonio Delgado will first have to resign from his current position in Congress—something he has yet to do.

Governor Kathy Hochul said last week that he still has work to finish before stepping away from his Congressional role.

“If he does not resign by July 1st, there will not be a special election,” explained Jennifer Wilson, Deputy Director of Public Information for the New York State Board of Elections. “That is the drop dead date. He needs to do it by June 30th in order for there even to be a special election.”

Delgado is expected to resign from Congress sooner rather than later.

“Within 10 days of that resignation, the governor will issue a proclamation stating the date for a special election for that office. And the date of that election can be no less than 70 days and no more than 80 days from the date she issues her proclamation.”

Hochul said Delgado will be sworn in as lieutenant governor at the end of the month.

Due to the quick timeline, candidates for the 19th Congressional District would be chosen by the party. Independent candidates would have the opportunity to run as well.

An election is expected to take place this summer. Wilson, explained just how soon a person could take office after being elected.

“We do have a 15 day period to re-canvas the election after it’s held. And typically for special elections it’s even quicker than that,” said Wilson. Congress can decide that if the candidate wins by a large margin to go ahead and have them be sworn in earlier than that. So there is the potential that this candidate can win— they will be running for their primary and running for the general at the same time. So everything will happen very quickly.”