ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Primary election day is today, but this year is a little different when it comes to voting in New York. There will be two primaries before the general election in November. One starting tomorrow, and the other August 23rd.

Today will be primaries for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and New York State Assembly Seats. August 23rd will be the primaries for state Congressional and Senate Seats. 

The two separate primary dates are due to a decision made by a Steuben County judge who determined an August primary would leave enough time for a court-appointed special master to draw new district lines, which were previously drawn by Democrats and determined unconstitutional.

According to Erica Smitka, Deputy Director of NYS League of Women Voters, there could still be some underlying confusion around the two primary dates. 

“You know we never want voters to think, ‘I already voted in the primaries, why would I vote in the primaries again?’ So I will say across the state we’ve seen in some counties early voting. You know polling has been up in past years and early voting is growing which is exciting and something that I hope we continue to see especially in August,” she said.

With two recent Supreme Court rulings, Smitka thinks this will attract more voters, “The recent rulings have affected thousands if not millions of people across the country, this really is peoples opportunity to put people in power who are gonna be making the laws and looking at legislation next year that you know will be able to mitigate some of these decisions in one way or another.”

Jennifer Wilson with the State Board of Elections says the last day to return absentee ballots is tomorrow, “In person or to any poll site in your county or by mail and that has to arrive within 7 days if you post mark it so it has to be postmarked by the 28th and arrive to your County Board of Elections by July 5th so if you did request and absentee ballot make sure that you mail it in or drop it off by June 28th.”

You can find your local county board of election by visiting