BROOME COUNTY, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Broome County voters can head to the polls tomorrow to exercise their right to democracy.

Local elections are set to take place on November 7. Constituents can vote for their choice district and county officials as well as their respective town, city, or village leaders.

NewsChannel 34 is Your Local Election Headquarters. We will be bringing you live and up to date coverage on the highly debated races for Broome County District Attorney, Vestal Supervisor, and Endicott Mayor along with several other elections across Broome County. For the voters in need of a brief refresher before casting their vote, a quick look at who is up for candidacy tomorrow can be found below with a link to view your designated polling place.

Broome County District Attorney’s Office

Paul Battisti, Republican/Conservative

Matt Ryan, Democrat/Working Families Party

Vestal Supervisor

John Schaffer, Conservative

Ted Wolf, Republican

Maria Sexton, Democrat

Vestal Town Council

Glenn Miller, Democrat

Robert Greene, Democrat

Patrick McPherson, Republican/Conservative

Endicott Mayor

Larry Coppola, Democrat/Working Families Party

Nick Burlingame, Republican/Conservative

Linda Jackson, Endicotters Party

Endicott Trustee

Ted Warner, Republican/Conservative

Timothy Wright, Jr., Republican/Conservative

Shannon Sharpe, Square Deal Party

Kevin Kreiner, Square Deal Party

State Supreme Court Justice, New York State’s 6th Judicial District

Deidre Hay, Democrat

Cheryl Insinga, Republican

Binghamton City Court Judge

Debra Gelson, Democrat

Sophie Bergman, Republican/Conservative

Binghamton City Council, 1st District

Olamni Porter, Democrat/Working Families Party

Mary Ann Callahan, Republican/Conservative

Binghamton City Council, 2nd District

Kinya Middleton, Democrat/Working Families Party

Sophia Resciniti, Republican/Conservative

Binghamton City Council, 4th District

Nate Hotchkiss, Democrat/Working Families Party

Brian Nayor, Republican/Conservative

Binghamton City Council, 5th District

Hadassah Mativetsky, Democrat

Kevin Reilly, Republican/Conservative

Binghamton City Council, 6th District

Rebecca Rathmell, Democrat/Working Families Party

Philip Strawn, Republican/Conservative

Binghamton City Council, 7th District

Michael Dundon, Democrat/Working Families Party

Thomas Scanlon, Republican/Conservative

For a more comprehensive list of local races and their candidates as well as more information on where to vote based on your residence, visit