(WIVT/WBGH) Last week’s election had multiple races that went down to the wire, so the Broome County Board of Elections is reviewing them and manually recounting the votes.

Some of the closest races were seats on the Binghamton City Council.

Broome County Elections Commissioner, Daniel Reynolds says that unofficially, Democrat Michael Dundon beat out Republican Thomas Scanlon by 7 votes to claim the 7th district.

Even closer is the race in the 6th district.

Reynolds says that unofficially, Democrat Rebecca Rathmell and Republican Phillip Strawn are deadlocked in a tie.

In the event of a tie, it would be considered a “failure to elect,” in which the seat would be vacant on January 1st, but city council would vote to temporarily fill the seat until the next election, next November.

Reynolds says that any race decided within 20 votes is required to undergo a manual recount.