BROOME COUNTY, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Several contested political campaigns came to a close last night as the votes started to roll in, but arguably none more prominent than the race for Broome County District Attorney.

The Republican Candidate, Paul Battisti claimed a victory over Democratic opponent, former Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan.

The first reported early voting numbers and absentee ballots had Ryan with a slight lead, but as more precincts reported in, Battisti started to pull away.

The republican ended up winning the election with 17,705 votes to Ryan’s 13,971.

Battisti gave a victory speech at the Republican viewing party held at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Binghamton.

“But its not about fame or fortune it’s about your God given purpose, and I truly believe my purpose, after tonight’s victory, is to do everything I can to make Broome County the best and safest community that it can be. Starting January first, we’re going to start that firm foundation, and we’re going to go and build on that every single day,” said Battisti.

Battisti will assume the role of Broome County DA starting on January 1.

Battisti released a statement today saying, he will work to reduce violent crime, help those suffering from mental health and substance misuse. And will work alongside law enforcement and community partners to use innovative tools to reduce crime and recidivism.

Full election results can be found here