BINGHAMTON, NY – A local photographer has seen tremendous growth over the past year, allowing him to establish his own portrait studio, assemble a team and quit his day job.

Yohance Bailey is a portrait and event photographer who we profiled last year as part of our Black Owned 607 series.

Through aggressive social media marketing and word of mouth, Bailey has expanded his business, moving into his own space on Charles Street in Binghamton.

And he’s no longer working as a nurse, focusing on his photography business full time.

Bailey says he wants the name Yohance to be synonymous with photography.

“My work is really part of me. My art is part of me, it comes together. We talked about the camera being an extension. I go no where without this thing. It’s always attached to my body. Yohance, photography, one and the same,” he said.

Bailey says he puts a lot of love into his work.

He focuses on special lighting to give his portraits a softer look.

And he works with customers on the editing process, altering the color grading and making aesthetic improvements.

Bailey is also working with his a makeup artist, costumer and photographer Michael Rudolph and cinematographer Benjamin Dickey of Run and Gun Filmz to cover weddings and other special events.

Dickey says the Bing Film Office, established by Visit Bing, is helping coordinate video and film projects taking place in the area.

“Everybody coming together, working together. Instead of being competition, put all of our minds and our talents together and actually grow something. I think that’s something that the Binghamton Film Crew is actually doing. It’s good to see,” says Dickey.

Bailey says he’s offering a special package for holiday family portraits through Christmas.

$100 gets you a 40 minute session with all of the photos taken, no editing.

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