BINGHAMTON, NY – A writer who grew up in Endicott is giving the Northeast something to fear in his new book – 9 foot cicadas.

Charles Orasin , who currently lives in Northern Virginia, wrote the novel in anticipation of the large cicada brood that dug themselves out earlier this year.

In the book, giant cicadas, mutated by pollution, are seeking revenge.

Orasin takes inspiration from his time in our region, and from his experience in the environmental nonprofit sector.

“It was fun writing it, people that have read it have enjoyed it. I think it makes people kind of think about what we’re doing to our environment and what we do to creatures around us, and what goes around comes around so they say, and in this case cicadas get their revenge,” says Orasin.

Taking a lot of regional inspiration, a final confrontation occurs on Interstate 81, a familiar place when Orasin comes to visit his family in Endicott.

You can buy CICADA! from his website,, or on Amazon.