(NewsNation) — Prince Harry and his wife Meghan visited 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle Thursday amid reports of the queen canceling scheduled appearances leading up to Easter.

The visit to the queen came on Maundy Thursday, a day in the week before Easter that the queen has, for decades, marked by distributing silver coins known as “Maundy money” to pensioners at a church service.

The queen, who has been experiencing mobility issues in recent months and came down with COVID-19 in February, did not attend. She was represented by her eldest son, Prince Charles, and his wife Camilla.

The monarch also is expected to miss the royal family’s Easter Sunday church service. She has continued to perform royal duties, including virtual audiences with politicians and diplomats.

Earlier this week, she spoke virtually with hospital staff in London about their perspectives on having and treating COVID-19, and she has said her bout with the virus was “frightening.”

“Of course, not being allowed to see your relatives is hard, wasn’t it?” she said. “It was against everything that we know, to care for patients. We know that families are really important,” she added.

The queen has pulled out of nearly every public event since getting COVID-19, and spent one night at a London hospital in March. The only event she attended was the memorial service for her late husband, Prince Philip.