Working together in Congress


Newly reinstalled Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi quoted past Republican presidents and championed her desire to work across the aisle. 

Several members of Congress have said the same. 

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright spoke with some members of the New York delegation about the likelihood that a divided Congress can agree to work together.

I pledge that this congress will be transparent, bipartisan and unified.

In her address to the 116th Congress  – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi vowed to reach across the aisle — providing hope for compromise between Democrats and Republicans. 

Despite current division President Trump says he hopes the two sides can accomplish many things. 

Hopefully we’re gonna have a lot of things that we can get done together and I think it’s actually going to work out. 

With Democrats regaining control of the House of Representatives – Republican Congressman Tom Reed of New York, a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus  is committed to working with his Democratic colleagues. 

We have to get the House of Representatives working for the people agai 

Congressman Reed even voted in favor of the Democratic rules change in the House. 
Voting for the rules package is something that hasn’t been done in I think close to 20 years with a republican going over to the other side – vice versa. But I’m really trying to put my voting card to where my voice has been.
Congressman Reed says it’s time to break the gridlock in Washington. The two chambers first show of bipartisanship will likely have to come as they work to resolve the partial government shutdown. 
I think people don’t want the type of chaos that we’re experiencing right now in DC to continue.
What they really want is they want a government that functions. 

With both sides claiming they want to work together – it remains to be seen if they *can to find a solution to the government shutdown.

In Washington, Morgan Wright.

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