ALBANY, NY – Despite Governor Hochul announcing yesterday that a conceptual agreement has been reached, the state budget has yet to be passed.

It is now 8 days late.

Lawmakers have been taking up budget bills throughout the day with a lot of them needing coffee, after staying at the capitol late last night.

We know so far we know that the debt services bill was passed last week, and that the budget bills containing alcohol to go and a gas tax suspension— which would save customers 16 cents per gallon have been passed in both the senate and the assembly.

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara has been a big advocate for saving New Yorkers money at the pump.

“let’s face it. We commute a lot up here. We all drive to work. We all drive everywhere we go. We get into car. People going back and forth to work, picking up their kids from school, they are going to see a huge benefit of this,” says Santabarbara.

Assembly minority leader, Will Barclay says while he is happy that a gas tax suspension is being included, but he thinks a $220 billion dollar budget is too much.

He shares insight as to just how long lawmakers could be here at the Capitol tonight.

“we still have a lot of budget ahead of us. We will be well into the night tonight,” says Barclay.

Lawmakers say they still have yet to pass a bill that is called the “big ugly.”

It includes controversial issues like bail reform and is usually one of the last bills that gets passed.