Woman caught in 2017 flood meets her rescuers


A year after experiencing a life threatening situation, a woman has met her rescuers.

On July 24, 2017, Margaret Russell was asleep in her trailer home off Pennsylvania Ave in Apalachin when she was woken up by her dog Daisy.

She got out of bed to discover that she was knee deep in water and that her trailer was moving.

With her cell phone in the water, she was able to call 911 off her land line and had about 10 seconds before it cut out to explain her situation. 

About 20 minutes after her call she could see lights and hear a voice speaking over a loud speaker saying that they were coming to get her.

After three and a half hours, Captain Rob Congdon and Lieutenant John Hussar of the Endwell Fire Department showed up by boat to save her and Daisy from the rushing waters.

She says not a day goes by that she isn’t thankful for them.

“It was just a very chaotic scene and everybody there whether they were from Endwell, Campville, or Apalachin they were all wonderful. Made sure I was ok, taking care of me, making sure I got to a safe place. Like I said I’m just forever, forever grateful for what these guys did for me, my two rescuers,” said Russell.

After securing Russell, the pair of rescuers had to go back and get her two neighbors that were living in the apartment next door.

Congdon says that in situations like that, there’s a lot going on in your head but the important goal of saving someone keeps you focused.

“It’s a lot of emotions rolled up into one. Little bit of fear, little bit of adrenaline. At the same time you have to look at what’s going and can we do this safely. Because it’s not just simply getting there we have to get back,” said Congdon.

Congdon and Hussar are both part of Endwell Fire Department’s Swift Water Rescue team that has traveled throughout the State and Pennsylvania to help people in floods.

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