With single-use plastic bags out at Wegmans, how will delivery, curbside pick-up groceries be bagged?


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On Monday, Wegmans announced that they would stop using single-use plastic bags beginning on Monday, January 27 and add a 5-cent paper bag fee.

At stores where the county or municipality chooses not to institute a 5-cent fee for paper bags, Wegmans will charge 5 cents per bag. The amount collected from the charge will be donated to the local food bank serving each region, according to the Monday release.

However, many viewers were wondering how groceries that were scheduled for delivery or pickup would be affected.

Evelyn Ingram, Director of Community Relations for Wegmans, said, “Got an answer for you. Delivery, curbside pick up, Instacart and Meals 2 Go orders will be packaged in paper bags beginning January 27th. Because these customers do not have the option to use reusable bags, they will not be charged for the 5 cents for paper bags. However, if the county or municipality they live in chooses to institute the 5 cent fee, it will apply to all paper bags including Instacart delivery, curbside pickup and Meals 2 Go.”

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