WINDSOR, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Starting within the next few years, Windsor Central School District will be raising its own cows for beef to help students explore livestock farming.

New York State awarded the school district $89,970 to increase the amount of New York beef used in the district’s meats. Cows will be bought each school year and they will be raised at the high school until they are used for meat. The cows will be raised in an area adjacent to the current Windsor Central High School chicken coop.

According to the district, it will spend the upcoming school year preparing the infrastructure to house the animals. The first year the district is ready to host cows, it will buy an adult cow that is closer to processing age, as well as a calf. Each following year, the district will buy two calves.

“The whole idea is to purchase replacements each year. We’ll buy two and it’ll take 18-20 months to finish them out, but we’ll buy two each September,” said Windsor agriculture teacher Tina Miner-James.

Students will have the opportunity to learn the intricacies of raising cattle and learn if it’s an experience they would like to continue.

“Bringing it to campus as opposed to having it off-site opens up the opportunity for more kids to see it and make the decision about whether an agriculture career is suitable for them,” said Windsor CSD Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Scott Beattie

“They’ll get a greater appreciation for food production and processing, and the career opportunities that are inherent within the industry. The pride and work ethic that goes into this type of enterprise is something the students can take with them,” said Mrs. Miner-James.