Windsor High School welcomes back students


WINDSOR, NY – The academic year has also begun in the Windsor school district.

Students at Windsor High School are getting acclimated to the big changes they have had to face this year.

Kids are placed in different groups, with group A going to school on 1 day, and group B the next.
Each group stays home to learn remotely when the other is in class.

At the cafeteria, classmates are seated at desks like you would see in a classroom.

These desks are put in a circle around a trash can.

This keeps students at a safe distance while they eat their lunch.

Senior Karissa Decosse says she welcomes the changes.

Decosse says she and her friends are able to take mask breaks during class because of how spread out the desks are.

Taped arrows mark which lane kids should be in depending on their next destination.

English Teacher Kristy Symons says her children, both of whom are students at the school, were excited to go to school today.

“I know that it’s tough with masks and not being able to have everyone in the same place at the same time, but just to be able to see them and know that they’re okay has been great. It’s hard not to hug them, but an elbow bump is okay for me right now,” says Symons.

Symons says the kids picked up on the specific chores like sanitizing their hands.

The school is prepared to work with the Broome County Department of Health in the event that a student contracts COVID.

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