Fun fact: Klay Thompson is a chess fanatic. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are quite a few chess players on the Warriors team, so they invited Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen to see a Western Conference finals game. 

If you don’t know who Carlsen is, he’s only the best chess player in the world, according to the official rankings of the sport’s governing body.

Guess who introduced himself as the best chess player on the team? 

Cue Thompson.

Apparently, Thompson plays chess every day. 

He even plays it on his phone.

“In person, I’m real nice,” he told WSJ. “On the phone, I’ll make a couple moves, put my phone down for a couple of days, forget my strategy and think: Why the hell did I do that?” 

He added: “You can learn a lot about someone playing chess.”

According to WSJ, Thompson first expressed interest in chess when he was a 7th grader in Portland, Oregon. 

He even took a chess class as an elective, “just to waste time.”

“And then I realized, wow this is actually really fun,” he told WSJ. “Just for an hour, to be with your friends, hang out, and play chess. It was probably the best class I’ve ever had.”

Fast forward to present day, Thompson says meeting Carlsen was pretty cool.

“That guy’s smart.” he said. “Understatement that he’s smart. He’s a genius. He said he’d sit down and teach me some things one day.”

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