What is a job fair?


A job fair is a meeting held by a group of companies seeking to hire employees. During the job fair, you can meet with representatives of many companies, and find out about job opportunities. The companies participating may be from a certain industry, such as computers. Or, they could be from a wide variety of fields, like city government, banks, hospitals, communication companies, and other local industries. Positions available range from temporary to part time and full time. Sometimes, you’ll be interviewed on the spot, and possibly offered a job that same day. In other cases, you may simply fill out a job application and other forms. While you’re not likely to find openings for high level executive or management jobs, a job fair can be an excellent source for other types of jobs. No other method offers the opportunity to speak with so many companies, all in one place, at one time. What’s more, those who are present are obviously serious about hiring someone. And even if you don’t find a job that’s right for you that day, you could make some important contacts for the future.

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