JOHNSON CITY, NY – A popular grocery store in our area is giving back to the community in a big way.

Employees and customers of the Johnson City Wegmans donated over $78,000 to the United Way of Broome County’s Community Campaign Fund.

Over $70,000 came from the workers while shoppers kicked in the rest by making small donations at checkout.

Store Manager David Orlovsky says this was the most successful fundraiser for this Wegmans ever.

Our part time folks that are just starting out with us on up to 30 plus year veterans that are making donations to the United Way because they know that that dollar makes a direct impact on our community. 1 hundred percent of that dollar makes an impact on our community, and it’s important to them. I am proud to be with them on this team, and to be helping to take care of the neighborhoods that we live in,” says Orlovsky.

The donation qualified the Johnson City Wegmans for membership in the United Way’s prestigious Thomas J Watson Society which recognizes businesses and organizations that make a combined $10,000 or more in contributions from employee and corporate giving.