Cuomo comments on New Yorkers being allowed to use Trusted Traveler program


ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On Friday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo held a briefing in Albany. Cuomo’s main focus was on the Trusted Traveler program.

Back on February 4, President Donald Trump gave his State of the Union address, where he commented on New York state’s sanctuary city policies.

That same day, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf was on Fox News where he said the “Green Light Law compromised the CBP’s ability to confirm whether an individual applying for TTP [Trusted Traveler Program] membership meets program eligibility requirements.”

The next day, February 5, the DMV and Trump administration issued a letter that said New Yorkers were not allowed to participate in the Trusted Traveler Program.

On the 10th of February, a Department of Homeland Security memo was leaked, which said, in part, the “Trump administration drafted a slew of plans to consider not only circumventing state laws limiting the Department of Homeland Security’s access to driver records but to retaliate against states that are refusing to provide the information they seek.”

Cuomo responded, saying, “It is political extortion. We disagree with your position on driver’s licenses for undocumented people. Because we disagree with your position we’re going to revoke participation in a program called Global Entry, Trusted Traveler Program…By the way, about 15 other states in the United States are doing the same thing.”

On February 6, Rep. Bernie Thompson said, “It is clearly a blatant attempt by the White House to score political points and perpetuate a partisan fight with New York elected officials.”

On February 13, Cuomo went to the White House, where he told President Trump he would pass the law. It then took four months for the White House or Department of Homeland Security to do anything, until Thursday, July 23.

On Thursday, July 23 at 2 p.m., the Department of Homeland Security issued the following statement:

Friday, during his briefing, Cuomo had this to say:

“They clearly had no basis whatsoever to do this. There are other states that also had green light laws. They knew that. I told that to them,” Cuomo said. “You just realized that yesterday? You just realized the state of the laws in this country yesterday? Is that at all plausible? Is that at all credible? We just realized yesterday that New York isn’t the only state that has Green Light laws. It was all politics, all the time.”

Cuomo is now calling on Attorney General Barr to investigate.

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