Washington Democrats push for Civilian Climate Corps to help fight climate change and increase jobs


WASHINGTON, DC – Talks in Washington over an infrastructure package have been stalled for months over one issue, how much money the government should spend on the project.

Democrats say the package should be bold and they’re pitching the creating of a civilian climate corps.

They say the project would fight climate change and create jobs.

NewChannel 34’s Alexandra Limon has the details.

80 Democrats are calling for the creation of a civilian climate corps to stimulate the economy and tackle things like clean energy projects, coastal restoration and wildfire prevention.

“To confront the climate crisis and create millions of permanent, good paying, union jobs,” says Senate Leader Chuck Schumer.

Schumer and Senator Ron Wyden say they’ll ensure the infrastructure package includes funding for the project.

“We are going to have a broad birth in that budget resolution for a civilian climate corps. Period full stop,” says Wyden.

Democrats say the country’s worsening heat waves, wildfires, and hurricanes – show the need for urgent action.

“This summer represents a tipping point, that we can no longer deny the consequences of climate change,” says Republican Judy Chu.

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell says Democrats already pumped too much money into the economy.

“another multi trillion dollar reckless taxing and spending spree, believe me, is the last thing american families need,” says McConnell.

McConnell says over spending by the Government is creating an inflation.

“But according to president biden the solution is, listen to this, even more of the same,” says McConnell.

Republicans want an infrastructure package to be narrowly targeted and exclude expensive initiatives aimed at fighting climate change.

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