TOWN OF DICKINSON, NY – Inmates at the Broome County Jail will once again have in-person visitation starting in a week following a court ruling in favor of criminal justice activists.

Visitation will resume Thursday, September 29.

The State Supreme Court Appellate Division lifted a stay that had been placed on Judge Oliver Blaise’s earlier order affirming the right of inmates to schedule visits.

Broome County had appealed that earlier decision on behalf of Sheriff Dave Harder who has argued that having members of the public in the correctional facility poses a risk of spreading COVID-19.

NewsChannel 34 recently reported that the G Pod was in a COVID lockdown for a period of time.

The 3 member appeals court vacated the stay while the appeal of the original ruling can continue.

Members of Justice and Unity for the Southern Tier (JUST), which brought suit against Harder, says it plans to be outside the building on Thursday greeting inmates’ family with coffee, cake and banners.

The Sheriff confirms to NewsChannel 34 that visitation will resume on the 29th.