BINGHAMTON, NY – A health care network that works primarily in New York City came to Binghamton last week.

Last Friday, VIP StarNetwork held a pop up vaccination clinic at the Identity Youth Center and Prevention Services location downtown.

So far, VIP StarNetwork has held 8 pop-up sites, this is its first time venturing outside of New York.

These pop up sites are geared toward low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

Site Administrator for VIP StarNetwork, Tim Drake says state-run mass vaccination sites were helpful in the beginning.

“I think everybody that has wanted one, that was very eager in those first few weeks to get it, has gotten it. Now we’re trying to reach out to the individual communities and get people outside to come in to have a vaccine. So it’s easier if we go into the communities to do that rather than ask someone to go somewhere else,” says Drake.

Throughout the month of June, pop up vaccination sites will be held at buildings for the LGBTQ community, like the Identity Youth Center.

This is in line with the Pride Outreach program from the Governor’s office.

VIP Star Network will be back on the 25th to administer the second dose.