Vice President Mike Pence visits Exeter, PA


EXETER, PA – Pennsylvania continues to be a battleground state in the race for president.

Less than 2 weeks after President Trump visited the Scranton area, Vice President Mike Pence is there today.

Anja Whitehead of our sister station in Scranton caught up with voters in advance of the visit.

With the Vice President visiting Exeter, we found out one thing was for certain, no matter who the people of Exetor were voting for or supporting in the upcoming election, they are very passionate.

“Pence and Trump are doing their best. They want to get the economy going, a lot of people are out of work and really desperate right now. They’re really hurting and the virus is going around and everything is caving in on Trump. He’s trying his best,” says Benny Soroka of Exeter.

Luzerene County played a huge roll in President Trump’s win of Pennsylvania in the last election.

Some feel it could go the same way for 2020.

“Why he came here? Because this is North Eastern Pennsylvania. Trump took it in 2016 right?” says Exeter resident William Clarke Jr.

“At least we’re getting some publicity and getting the people out to vote you know?” says Exeter resident Kenny Radle.

Eyewitness News spoke with one man who is not happy with Vice President Mike Pence visiting his neighborhood.

He says he feels President Trump has not done anything for our nation the past four years.

“I feel so strongly that Trump is the wrong man for the country. Having traveled the world for most of my summers while I was teaching he has destroyed our image of our country. People think America is nothing now. I feel the man is immoral he has no values,” says Exeter resident David Jacobs.

But no matter who people plan to vote for in the upcoming election, opinions are strong.

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